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Updated 13 December 2009

This is a list of every page written on the PC Rescue website. Take a look through our archives or use our search page to find what you want.

Four reasons to wait before upgrading to Windows 7

ABC Nightlife, 6 February 2009

The October 2008 Weekend show looked at Internet etiquette, Word autocorrect problems and five ways of moving your old photos to a new computer.

Computing in tough times. Posted 27 October 2007

Choosing the right password. Re-posted 20 October 2007

Cleaning an old computer. Posted 26 August 2008

Buying safely online. The Beijing Ticketing scam showed why you need to be careful when shopping online. Posted 4 August 2008

The July Nightlife show looked at the world's oldest blogger and running Windows software on a Mac. Posted 20 July 2008.

Voice over IP explained. Posted 25 May 2008

The June Nightlife looked at networking computers, free Internet deals and the death of the desktop computer.

The May Weekend show looked at Voice over IP.

Choosing a mobile Internet provider. Posted 10 May 2008

The May 2009 Nightlife looked at keyboard hygeine, mobile Internet and exporting Microsoft Outlook data

Backing up your email. How to backup the data in your email program.

The April 2008 Weekend show looked at protecting and saving emails, switching to Macs and limited user profiles.

The April 2008 Nightlife looked at business domain names, ultra portable laptops and the wait for the Windows XP service pack.

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 released. Is it time to upgrade to Vista? Posted 8 February, 2008

The Christmas Nightlife spot looked at Apple Macs, the eeePC, the sixtieth anniversary of the transistor and computer training for seniors.

Setting up Christmas computers. Posted 25 December, 2007

702 Weekend, December 9, 2007. The spot looked at ABC Now and preparing your home and office systems for the Christmas holiday

Nightlife, November 23, 2007. We looked at the 100% increase in complaints about Internet providers and how to find the right Internet plan.

Choosing the right version of MS Office. Updated 2 December 2007

Choosing an ISP. Updated 2 December 2007

Getting the most from rebates. Posted 4 November 2007

Avoiding sharks on the Internet. Posted 4 November 2007

Weekend Computers, October 29. We discussed the new Leopard operating system for Apple Macs

The different types of wireless. Posted 27 October 2007

Nightlife, 18 October 2007. Avoiding online scams.

The anatomy of an Internet scam. Posted 3 October 2007

Choosing a backup program . Posted 29 September 2007

Email etiquette. Updated 20 September 2007

Weekend computers September 2. Revisiting the Mac versus PC debate

Nightlife computers August 31, 2007. National Identity Fraud Awareness Week

Creating limited users profiles Posted 9 August 2007

Battery recalls. Toshiba recall more batteries. Posted September 16, 2007

Nightlfe July 27, 2007: Trialware, SMS spam, mobile phone complaints and protecting your wireless network

The death of trialware . Posted 22 July 2007

Protecting kids online. Posted 21 June 2007

Broadband bidding. Posted 20 June 2007

Hidden spyware. Posted 7 June 2007

Microsoft Office Alternatives. Posted 28 April 2007

Choosing a broadband connection. Posted 20 April 2007

The Vista hall of shame. Posted 2 March 2007

The strange case of Julie Amero. Posted 1 March 2007

Nightlife, January 26 2007. Protecting data, recovering lost data and repairing damaged email folders

Weekend, January 17 2007. Wireless security, reinstalling software and the Adobe scripting bug

AVG Free upgrade instructions. Posted 17 January 2007

Adobe Reader problems. Posted 7 January 2007

ABC Nightlife, December 15 spot looked at Windows Vista, Macs vs PC and avoiding firewalls

ABC Nightlife, 3 November 2006. Regional broadband, Internet complaints and streaming audio costs.

ABC Weekend 29 October 2006. The first Australian spam conviction and Sydney blogs

ABC Weekend, 6 August 2006. Fighting the security war on your computer

The June 25 Weekend Show featured exploding laptops, intimatcy with wireless devices and setting up Outlook Address Books.

Sony Battery Recall. Posted August 6, 2006

The Haxdoor trojan. Posted August 5, 2006

ABC Nightlife, July 14, 2006. Voice Over Internet Protocol, or making phone calls over the Internet and the end of Windows 98

ABC Nightlife, June 2, 2006. Ransomware, dangerous search terms and Microsoft Word bugs

Avoiding MS Word flaws. Posted 23 May, 2006

ABC Nightlife, April 21: Internet filtering, Vista delays and the new Microsoft security patches

Internet Filtering explained. Posted 20 April, 2006

ABC Weekend, April 2. Seniors and computers, Windows Vista delays, dealing with tech support.

Backup Options. Posted 24 February, 2006

The Windows Defender. Posted 20 February, 2006

Mac OSX security problems. Posted 24 February, 2006

Nightlife Computers: March 10, 2006, Mac security problems and backup option. Callers asked about spyware, removing old anti-virus programs and Hotmail problems

The Slobodan Virus. Posted 13 March, 2006

Weekend Show. March 5: Macro errors, secure erasing of documents and backing up email folders

The Nyxem Virus. 6 February 2006

Nightlife Computers. February 3, 2006: The Nyxem virus and the end of Windows 98.

The end of Windows 98. Posted 2 February, 2006

Nightlife Computers. 6 January 2006

New Year's resolutions for computer users. Posted 2 January 2006

The Windows Metafile Flaw, Posted 2 January, 2006

The Sober Worm. Posted 5 December 2005

The Rise of the Zombie Computers. Posted 10 November 2005

Allowing guests to use a computer. Posted 12 October 2005

Email ettiquette. Posted 30 September 2005

Choosing a laptop. Posted 16 September 2005

Why recovery disks are evil. Posted 14 September 2005

The Ham Sandwich Scandal. Posted 10 September 2005

The Sober Worm. Posted 8 August 2005

Choosing the right broadband plan. Posted 1 September 2005

The end of Windows 2000. Posted 20 August, 2005

Finding Hidden Characters. Posted 4 August, 2005

Choosing a backup system. Posted 24 July, 2005

Weekend, 17 June, 2005. Errant mice and backing up emails on the 702 Weekend spot for June.

Global Internet Roaming. Posted 15 July, 2005.

Securing wireless networks. Posted 29 May 2005

Weekend 15 May, 2005 . The passwords for coffee scandal.

Formatting documents for email. Posted 12 May 2005

The Sober.O worm. Posted 9 May 2005

Nightlife, 6 May 2005. The different flavours of broadband.

Making sense of broadband. Posted 5 May 2005

Weekend, 10 April 2005.Rogue attachments, bad emails and spam senders being busted

Windows Update becomes compulsory. 7 April 2005

Getting the most from tech support. Posted 31 March 2005.

Protecting against spyware. Posted 31 March 2005

Weekend 27 February 2005. DVDs, lost passwords and how to beat US only websites

Buying second hand computers. Posted 25 February 2005

Have you been accused of sending viruses. Posted 24 February 2005

What is Voice Over IP? Posted 15 February, 2005

Why so many update messages? Posted 10 February, 2005

This year's virus writers trick. Posted 4 February, 2005

ABC Weekend, 30 January 2005. The Microsoft Anti Spyware tool, editing DVDs and Windows XP shutting down.

Remote access and telecommuting. Posted 29 January, 2005

The Microsoft AntiSpyware tool. Posted 29 january, 2005

Preparing your computer for Christmas. Posted 17 December, 2004

Mac versus PC: The myths and facts. 19 November, 2004

Weekend Show, 14 November, 2004

Storms and your computer. Posted 8 November, 2004

Buying a new computer. Posted 31 October 2004

The Bagel and Netski viruses. Posted 29 October 2004

Nightlife, October 25 2004. Christmas, old programs on XP and converting LPs to CD.

The Bacros Virus. Posted 15 October 2004

Christmas computer gifts. Posted 15 October 2004

Wireless Broadband. Posted 17 September 2004.

The GDI+ security flaw. Posted 17 September 2004.

Moving offices without tears. Posted 9 September 2004.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Superceded.) Posted 8 August 2004

Nighlife, September 3 2004 The pros and cons of upgrading, Outlook Express identities and removing spyware.

The virus that ate Google. Posted 30 July 2004

Nightlife 30 July, 2004: the virus that ate Google and dealing with an recalcitrant ISPs.

Dealing with an ISP dispute. Posted 30 July 2004

Weekend show, 25 July 2004. Alternatives to Internet Explorer, digital cameras and missing toolbars.

Alternatives to Internet Explorer. Posted 18 July 2004

A tale of two viruses. Posted 5 July 2004.

Why it's time to ditch Internet Explorer. Posted 27 June 2004.

Avoiding spyware. Posted 25 June 2004

ABC Weekend, 6 June, 2004. Alternatives to Google.

ABC Nightlife, 21 May 2004. choosing a broadband plan, troubleshooting drives and Hotmail not opening.

ABC Weekend, 9 May, 2004. Firewalls, the Sasser Worm and uninstalling software.

Broadband plans and their traps. Revised May 23, 2004

Using a firewall. Posted 4 May, 2004.

The Sasser Worm. Posted 2 May, 2004

ABC Nightlife, 24 April 2004. The Spam Act, noisy floppy drives and NTLDR problems.

The spam Act. Posted 21 April, 2004

Nightlife, 26 March 2004. The Netski virus and why you shouldn't reinstall Windows.

The traps of business broadband. Posted 21 March, 2004

Choosing an ADSL plan. Posted 21 March, 2004

Weekend show 29 February, 2004, slow computers and troubleshooting videophones

The Netski Virus. Posted 20 February, 2004.

Nightlife February 6, 2004. We discussed viruses, spyware and filesharing

Choosing a business computer. Posted 5 February, 2004

The Windows Abstract Syntax Patch. Posted 5 February, 2004

The Growing Curse of Spyware. Posted 5 February, 2004

The MyDoom Virus. Posted 27 January, 2004

The Bagle Virus, Posted 20 January, 2004

Weekend Show, 10 January 2004. We discussed spam, system upgrades and pop-ups.

Nightlife computers, 6 January 2004.

Nightlife computers, 19 December 2003. Outlook attachment problems and computer security.

Preparing for the Christmas break. Posted 9 December, 2003

Choosing an LCD screen. Posted 9 December, 2003

Weekend Show, 23 November 2003. Christmas computer purchases.

Shopping for computer Christmas presents. Posted 21 November, 2003

The MiMail virus. Posted 18 November 2003.

The Son of the Blaster Worm. Posted 27 October, 2003

Stopping spam. Posted 24 October, 2003

Protecting yourself on the net. Posted 13 October, 2003

Nightlife 22 September, 2003. Virus, spam and email protection.

The Swen virus. Posted 20 September, 2003

Preparing for a computer disaster. Posted 14 September, 2003

Nightlife 19 August, 2003. The virus follies continue.

Selecting broadband Internet for business. Posted 7 August, 2003

Nightlife 25 July, 2003. We discussed broadband access with Dan Warne of APC.

Choosing a broadband connection. Posted 25 July, 2003

Securing your word documents. Posted 3 July, 2003

Avoiding email hoaxes Posted 2 July, 2003

Stopping advertising programs. Posted 22 June, 2003.

The "nude nurse" virus. Posted 21 June, 2003

Nightlife, 13 June 2003. The end of Windows 98.

Retiring Windows 98 in the office. Posted 13 June, 2003.

The End of Windows 98. Posted 13 June, 2003.

The Bugbear B Virus Posted 6 June 2003

Outlook Express won't open attachments. Posted 17 May 2003

Nightlife, 9 May 2003. Setting up a small business computer system.

Setting up a small business computer system. Posted 5 May 2003

Weekend show, 27 April 2003 e-mail ettiquette and attachments, recovering old documents and accessing webmail

Recovering files from old software. Posted 3 May 2003

Updating your system's security. Posted 26 April 2003

Getting your attachments to work. Posted 26 April 2003

Nightlife 5 April, 2003. CD Burning, Teddy Bear virus and Free software.

Identifying email hoaxes. Posted 28 March 2003

Buying a new computer. Posted 28 March 2003

Is your backup really working? Posted 14 March 2003

Protecting your family on the net. Posted 14 March 2003

Nightlife, 14 February 2003. Setting up new computers, broadband costs and excessive phone bills.

Triple extensions and the Sad Hound. Posted 10 February 2003

Buying a second hand computer. Posted 10 February 2003

Protecting your laptop. Posted 25 January 2003

Business Security check up. Posted 25 January 2003

Protecting your business data. Posted 14 January 2003

Choosing the right password. Re-posted 14 January 2003, originally posted 29 March, 2002.

The Yaha Worm. Posted 2 January, 2003

New year's computer resolutions. Posted 26 December 2002

Protecting computers from power surges. Posted 21 December 2002

Computer Christmas Presents. Posted 24 November 2002

Weekend Show 3 November 2002. Saving family photos, Bigpond's usage meter and CD burning problems.

Nightlife 1 November, 2002: War driving, domain names, high Internet bills and web searching.

Getting your own business domain name. Re-posted 30 October 2002

Protecting family memories. Posted 28 October 2002

The perfect small office network. Posted 29 September 2002

Nightlife, 29 September 2002. Comparing Internet access costs and mal-ware.

Weekend Show 22 September 2002. Outlook Express crashing, corrupt Excel files, and unzipping device drivers.

Computers are not dishwashers. Posted 21 September 2002

Essential computer software. Posted 11 September 2002

Testing your anti-virus software. Posted 11 September 2002

Is 300Mb enough for business broadband? Posted 31 July 2002

Email etiquette and security Posted 30 July 2002

Protecting your business software. Posted 13 July 2002

Internet tips for new users. Posted 12 July 2002

Nightlife, 26 June 2002. Huge Internet bills, firewalls and Mac support resources.

Simplify your network file sharing. Posted 24 June 2002

How to avoid a huge Internet bill. Posted 23 June 2002

Sharing your Internet connection. Posted 10 June 2002

Get XP Professional on your new office computer. Posted 10 June 2002

How to avoid spreading myths and hoaxes. Posted 22 May 2002

Why businesses shouldn't use Hotmail. Posted 5 May 2002

Macs are personal computers too. Posted 5 May 2002

Protecting yourself from viruses. Posted 26 April 2002

Weekend Show 21 April 2002, Kazaa "sneakware", uninstalling programs and errant e-mails

ABC Nightlife 19 April 2002, Korean spam, alternatives to Microsoft and random disconnecting from the Net

Setting up your own domain name. Posted 15 April 2002

The different types of broadband Internet. Posted 15 April 2002

Choosing a secure password. Posted 29 March 2002

How to get more from your business computers. Posted 23 March 2002

Troubleshooting Internet Connections. Posted 22 March 2002

Lock up that restore disk! Posted 27 February 2002

Soldering irons, misbehaving CD-ROMs and mice. Posted 23 February 2002

Stopping pop-up ads. Posted 20 February 2002

Networking different computers. Posted 13 February 2002

A Mac or a Windows computer? Posted 13 February 2002

Do you need an Internet password. Posted 9 February 2002

Removing unwanted software. Posted 23 January 2002

What is Spyware? Posted 16 January 2002

Diagnosing error messages. Posted 10 January 2002

ABC Nightlife 3 January 2002. The SUFLNBK urban myth, upgrading computers and Laptops vs desktops.

The ten most common small business computer questions. Posted 2 January 2002

Permanently deleting data. Posted 2 January 2002

Avoiding Huge Attachments. Posted 12 December 2001

Improving Network Performance. Posted 6 December 2001

What is Safe Mode and how to start it. Posted 5 December 2001

Backing up your e-mail and address books. Posted 28 November 2001

Protect your data from you and your staff. Posted 21 November 2001

Christmas Shopping. Posted 21 November 2001

Small Business and Windows XP. Posted 31 October 2001

Should I upgrade to Windows XP? Posted 30 October 2001

Nightlife computers, 19 October 2001. Modem drop outs and the !0000 address myth.

Misleading domain name renewals. Posted 16 October 2001.

Why can't people read my attachments? Posted 16 October 2001.

ABC Weekend Show 7 October 2001. XTree Gold, unwanted Internet favorites and how a flat battery can affect your computer.

My computer is out of memory. Posted 3 October 2001

Troubleshooting printer problems. Posted 26 September 2001

How to avoid the Nimda virus. Posted 19 September 2001

I am being deluged by junk e-mails. How do I stop them? Posted 11 September 2001

ABC Weekend Show 8 September 2001. When is it worthwhile upgrading your PC, partitioning your hard drive and what to do when your hard drive or CD drive fails.

Should I bother upgrading my computer? Posted 30 August 2001

Selecting a small business backup system. Posted 22 August 2001.

My Palm software has stopped the Internet from working. Posted 22 August 2001

Creating individual profiles for each computer user. Posted 15 August 2001

ABC Weekend Show 11 August 2001. The 20th Birthday of the PC, the Sircam and Code Red viruses along with the perils of upgrading operating systems and running beta software.

The Sircam and Code Red viruses. Posted 8 August 2001

Sharing a printer on a network. Posted 4 August 2001

Diagnosing computer error messages. Posted 17 July 2001

ABC Weekend Show. Registering domain names, diagnosing error messages and why you should avoid reinstalling Windows as a cure for computer problems. Posted 18 July 2001

Don't overpay for your domain name. Posted 12 July 2001

How not to fall for Internet myths and hoaxes. Posted 12 July 2001

How to keep a noisy modem quiet. Posted 27 June 2001

My computer keeps starting in DOS. Posted 20 June 2001

ABC Weekend Show. Recycling computers, moving the My Documents folder and resizing your computer screen. Posted 20 June 2001

Should you turn your computer off at night. Posted 6 June 2001

Is it worth upgrading to Office XP. Posted 6 June 2001

Virus Watch: The SULFNBK.EXE virus myth. Posted 30 May 2001

My Computer is living in the past. Posted 30 May 2001

ABC Weekend Show, the Web's tenth birthday, Word and Outlook Express crashes. Posted 19 May 2001

Organising your data. Posted 16 May 2001

Taking care to avoid e-mail viruses. Posted 16 May 2001

My computer keeps losing files Posted 16 May 2001

What are temporary Internet files? Posted 3 May 2001

Why does my computer keep freezing? Posted 25 April 2001

ABC Weekend Show, computer locking up, monitor not starting and Windows 98 setup problems. Posted 21 April 2001.

What are temp files and how do I get rid of them? Posted 18 April 2001

What are bad blocks on a hard drive Posted 11 April 2001

Choosing a small business printer. Posted 4 April 2001

I cannot defrag my hard drive. Posted 4 April 2001

My computer is making a strange beeping noise. Posted 24 March 2001

ABC 702 Weekend Show, changing the BIOS, scanner problems and Internet disconnections. Posted 17 March 2001.

How not to fall victim for a huge Internet bill. Posted 17 March 2001

Why won't my computer shut down? Posted 1 March 2001

Why does my computer keep restarting? Posted 21 February 2001.

ABC 702 Weekend Show, the Anna Kournikova virus and e-mail attachments, posted 17 February 2001.

Choosing a small business backup system. Posted 22 February 2001.

Recognising the attachments in your inbox, posted 17 February 2001.

Upgrading your computer, posted 2 January 2001.

ABC 702 Weekend Show, large file attachments problems, posted 30 December 2000

CD's written on my computer can't be read on other computers, posted 29 December 2000.

Protect your passwords, posted 13 December 2000.

ABC 702 Weekend Show, taking your computer on holiday and the Navidad virus, posted 9 December 2000.

Virus Watch: What to watch for in your inbox, posted 28 November 2000.

Why small businesses should have a network, posted 24 November 2000.

Getting the most from tech support, posted 24 November 2000.

"Could not open winsrvc.exe" when starting computer, posted 24 November 2000.

Nightlife Computers. 24 November 2000

Virus Watch 21 November 2000.

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