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CD Writer not working

My CD Writer isn't working. I drag the files onto the blank CD and it writes. I can read the CD on my computer but when I try to read the CD on another computer it will not work.

Your CD is working, it is the software you are using. Most home/small business CD writers come with the Adaptec software package. This has two programs, Direct CD and Easy CD Creator, a CD burning program.

If you are dragging and dropping files onto your CD then you are using the Direct CD program. The program probably asks you to "format" the blank CD before you can use it. That formatting process means that you can only use the CD on machines that are also running Direct CD.

If you are going to be using your CD's on other CD players then you should use the Easy CD Creator program. This is more difficult to use but far more flexible. Unlike Direct CD it allows you to copy CD's and create your own data, software and music compilations.

Just because your CD Writer came with one brand of software you are not stuck with it. Other CD Burning programs include Nero, Cakewalk Pyro and CDRWin. There is a learning curve with using all these programs but with the prices of blank CD's being so low it doesn't cost much to experiment. Happy burning.

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