The Vista Hall of Shame

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While we expected quite a few difficulties with Vista, you have to wonder what these vendors have been doing for the last five years. It beggars belief so many have aren't Vista ready. Here's a current list of the Vista Hall of Shame.

Internet providers

Australian Personal Computer has a rundown on ISPs and their hardware vendors. Taking the cake are the country's two biggest Telcos: Bigpond won't connect Vista users while Optus take the cake with the comment they "already supported six operating systems but "only recently learned that Vista brings with it some elements that require us to change our systems."


Smarthouse discover Logitech have no intention of supporting their equipment. They also mention Abode, Creative and nVidia. A good point is how empty this talk of "convergence" with home hi-fi is when the stuff doesn't work.

Home entertainment system

Over at Eastwood Hi-Fi, they've found that not only Yamaha have problems, but the Panasonic website won't even work for Vista users. I find Steve Niell's naivete about the professionalism and planning of the IT and electronic industries rather touching. He should try dealing with ISPs.


You'd think the way iPods sell that Apple would make sure iTunes is compatible with Vista. Guess again.

Not one Apple Windows product is certified for use on Vista!

Now that's shameful.

Mobile phones

Australian Personal Computer adds to the Vista hall of shame with it's list of mobile phones that don't support Vista, which is pretty well every single brand with the exception of iMate and Palm.

Microsoft's list

Information Week reports on Microsoft's list of software that's achieved the "Certified for Vista" or "Works with Vista" logo. In picking that all current Microsoft products qualify, they miss the point that many of their older products miss out. This is going to be one of the biggest barriers for many users adopting Vista. Along with the cost of a new system, they will be looking at spending another $300 on a new version of Office. That's a big reason for holding back.

We recommend avoiding buying Vista until at least service pack 1 is released later this year. The list of incompatible hardware and software only adds to our view that you are best waiting. If you do buy a system pre-loaded with Vista, then you may have to consider either throwing out old hardware or "downgrading" to Windows XP.
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