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Tips and Hints

If you've arrived here from a link referred to in one of our books, you've come to the right place. This page has common Internet and computer questions and our links page has many of the resources to help you get more from your computer.

Our ABC page looks at some of the issues and problems discussed on the last ABC segments and has the dates of the next shows. If you'd like to find earlier shows or articles our archives page has a full list of everything we've posted. If you can't find what you're looking for then visit our search page.

If you're being baffled by technology or the terms we use, visit our Jargon Buster page to help you decipher what we're talking about.

General Advice

Choosing a backup solution
What backup software?
The different types of wireless

Buying advice

Buying a new computer
Mac versus PCs
Recommended computer specifications

Home Tips

The computer security kit
Microsoft Office Alternatives
Allowing guests to use a computer


Choosing an ISP
The different types of wireless.
e-mail etiquette. Get the full use of your e-mail


Registering a domain name
Choosing a laptop
Finding Hidden Characters


Protecting your wireless network.
Setting up a limited user profile.
Virus Watch:

Updated 20 July 2008



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