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What is a netbook computer?

19 October 2008


Since their release just over a year ago with the launch of the Asus EeePC, netbook computers have become the fastest selling items in the computer industry.

Netbooks are cheap, light and low powered portables designed to spend most of their time connected to the Internet.

The idea is people using web 2.0 tools don't need high powered computers as most of the work and storage is done over the net.

Generally netbooks have a low powered central processing unit (usually an Intel Atom), a small hard drive, no CD or DVD drive and only one or two USB ports. Often they come supplied with solid state hard drives (SSDs) which consume less power than the traditional hard drives.

As a result, they don't run things like games and high end application very well, if all. However, for users with more modest needs, they can be a very good choice.

Netbooks are terrific little units and meet the needs of many users. If these will work for you, they are well worth look at.

Almost every vendor, with the exception of Apple, now have a model on the market.



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